Northants 1

Shire Sounds Radio, a local radio staple in North Northamptonshire, proudly announces “Northants 1” arriving May 27th.  With this transformation comes a fresh identity and an unwavering commitment to being Northamptonshire’s own local hit music radio station.

The rebrand signifies a key commitment to local broadcasting, and its dedication to delivering top-tier local entertainment, community representation and engagement. With an emphasis on playing Hit Music for Northamptonshire, Northants 1 promises to continue providing quality programming made for its growing local audience.

Our key commitments remain in line with what we have always believed in. Northants 1 is set to continue the pioneering training initiative, now known as the Northants 1 Academy. This ground-breaking program offers secondary school students from across Northamptonshire a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of radio broadcasting. Over a 12-week training course, aspiring young broadcasters receive comprehensive instruction in the fundamentals of radio production, along with a look into the wider media industry, nurturing the next generation of talent in the industry.

Northants 1 is arriving, fresh with a revamped Weekday lineup, with presenters you already know and love. Charlie Stone wakes up Northamptonshire from 7am with the all-new Northants 1 Breakfast, with Megan Arnold carrying us all through the workday from 11am and the new Northants 1 Homerun with Andrew Haslam from 3pm, including our beloved hour of “Throwbacks at Three”. The trio promise to entertain, inform and get you dancing with a mix of chart-topping hits and some tunes you used to love!

The station’s music selection reflects its diverse audience, blending contemporary chart-toppers with iconic throwbacks spanning back to the 90s. From pop anthems to indie gems and alternative hits, Northants 1 offers a curated musical experience that resonates with all tastes. Additionally, evenings on Northants 1 will feature a broader range of genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Rounding off every weekend, Northants 1 welcomes Chris Brooks back to the radio in Northamptonshire, with the biggest songs on the radio right now, on the UK Hot 40! Our brand-new chart show, Sundays from 4pm. With his infectious energy and unparalleled expertise, Chris promises to deliver an electrifying countdown experience that keeps you hooked every week.

Behind the scenes, Northants 1 is run by a dedicatedso team of local volunteers determined to bring a local voice back to the radio in Northamptonshire. As part of this Northants 1 would love to work with you. The station is offering pre-launch discounts for all local businesses who support Northants 1. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to for advertising and sponsorship enquiries.

Northants 1 is arriving, Monday 27th May at 7am.

Northants 1 is Northamptonshire’s premier radio station, dedicated to serving the local community with quality programming and engaging content. With a focus on hit music, diverse genres, and empowering young talent through the Northants 1 Academy, Northants 1 is committed to being the ultimate destination for radio enthusiasts across Northamptonshire. Follow Northants 1 on @Northants1Radio for the latest updates and announcements.