NN Journal

NN Journal CIC is an independent news site for Northamptonshire.

Run by local journalists Sarah Ward and Natalie Bloomer it reports on news and events of social importance in the county. 

Established as a social enterprise NN Journal’s mission is to ensure that local journalism not only survives but thrives. To this end it runs journalism training workshops with the county’s young people to inspire and train the next generation.

Natalie says: “We decided to start our venture in response to the decline of local journalism in our county over the past few years. The explosion of  social media and the demise of traditional advertising streams has sadly led to the established local newspapers either closing (as was the case with the Herald and Post in 2016 ) or having to lay off staff and reduce the number of reporters. As a result the coverage of Northamptonshire society and communities has not been as comprehensive as it once. People in power are not being held to account and the public is being let down.”

NN Journal will always provide free articles during the week to its email subscribers, but from March a paid element for members will be introduced, with bonus features.

To sign up for the daily weekday newsletters visit NNJournal.co.uk

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