Cooking Good

Making a difference, one meal at time

Cooking Good is a community-based, food project aimed at cooking on a tight budget. It is focused on cooking from scratch, families cooking together, increasing the consumption of fresh foods and increasing cooking confidence.

Cooking Good brings people together in their local communities by sharing recipe ideas, cooking successes, cooking from scratch and on a budget, and reducing waste. The underlying focus is on supporting happy and healthy communities.

We work with agencies such as HomeStart, schools and pre-schools, housing associations, many food aid and surplus food providers such as community larders and fridges to deliver Cooking Good services and skills to individuals and families.

Cooking Good also offers essential Cooking Good Meal Bags to families in Northamptonshire – with everything needed to cook four delicious meals i.e. ingredients, recipe cards and folder, cooking equipment and wipeable meal planners. All of which is supported by online tutorials, videos and face-to-face cooking sessions.

The aim of the umbrella organisation, Community Health-Works UK CIC, is to work in collaboration with partners to deliver wellbeing projects to individuals, groups, communities or the workplace, in order to promote overall health and wellbeing and Cooking Good’s aim is to impact on public health outcomes such as reducing childhood and adult obesity and consequent ill-health. Increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables is one measure of our success. 

Other objectives are to improve mental health, to remove barriers which perpetuate health inequality, support self-reliance and reduce stigma around food and health, reduce food waste and work with others around food sustainability. Specific projects to work with particular target groups are available, such as teenage mental health, food and nutrition for older people, cancer patients, those living with life-long conditions, weight management, etc.    

Take a look at what we do and join in the conversation:
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