Brightwayz, Brightkidz and

Brightwayz (which includes Brightkidz and promotes safe, active, sustainable everyday travel for all. They do this with projects, products and information to enable more walking support schemes with enable more walking to school, cycling, scooting and road safety.

They also supply general promotional products under their name from which 100% of profits are ploughed back to support their active travel initiatives. It’s a great way for any organisation to ‘buy social’ – they can have a social impact whilst buying products to promote their own marketing campaigns.

Here is a short video about Brightkidz and Brightwayz:

Brightkidz work with local schools to support active travel plans and road safety education.

They supply their Brightkidz products to schools and councils across the UK including an exclusive range to support the DfT-backed national Modeshift Walking Bubble scheme.

Websites: – active travel products and information for children – active travel products and information for all – general promotional products