Outdoor Tribe

Outdoor Tribe CIC provides opportunities for adults and children to benefit their wellbeing through nature connection experiences in an ancient woodland between Thrapston and Corby.

Three adults in a forest wearing hard hats. One is crouching sawing the base of a small tree and the others are holding the tree.

Activities Include:

  • Forest School (children aged 3 – 10)
  • Woodland sessions for families with SEN children (children over 3)
  • Mindfulness through nature connection (adults)
  • Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing (Adults and accompanied children over 10)
  • Woodland management, including habitat management, tree planting and coppicing (adults)
  • Creative Connections – Nature, Land Art, Poetry/Creative writing (adults)
  • Mindful Bushcraft – (adults and accompanied children over 10)
  • Wellbeing retreats – half and full day (adults)
  • Corporate wellbeing days for up to 25 people, encompassing a mix of the above
young girl in really nice stripy wellies bending over looking at a toy badger in a badger shelter in the woods.

We are insured to deliver nature connection sessions at our woodland setting and anywhere else
in the UK.

Outdoor Tribe also delivers accredited training for adults wishing to deliver Wellbeing In Nature
sessions in their own setting.


“There was something about today that made for pure happiness. The smell of the wild garlic. The smokey fire. Sunshine unexpectedly and the company of kind, interested and friendly people.”

“It is very rare for me to be able to relax and feel calm while we are out, but today I felt just that – it was so good for the soul and engaging with the activities on offer was very therapeutic.”

“My heart is quietened by the stillness of this place. I feel rested and at peace.”

large hexagonal wooden bench in forest

Contact Info:

Website – www.outdoortribe.co.uk
Email – hello@outdoortribe.co.uk
Facebook – facebook.com/outdoortribeuk
Twitter – @OutdoorTribe
Tel: 07483 234109

Beccy Hurrell Voice & Arts Ltd

Providing individual and group tutoring across voice, music, dance, drama and art for ALL ages and ALL abilities.

At BHVA we strive to empower all who walk through our doors, whether you are taking up an art form for the first time, are wanting to improve your performance, or are looking to develop your teaching pedagogy. We do this by providing a nurturing, creative and all-inclusive atmosphere, with innovative teaching practices to promote student’s personal and artistic growth and celebrate all successes.

At BHVA we strive to empower all who walk through our doors, whether you are taking up an art form for the first time, are wanting to improve your performance, or are looking to develop your teaching pedagogy. We do this by providing a nurturing, creative and all-inclusive atmosphere, with innovative teaching practices to promote student’s personal and artistic growth and celebrate all successes.

More Info

Find BHVA at:

The Yards, 10 Market Street, Kettering NN16 0AH

Call BHVA on:

01536 691540 | 07786 544087

Email BHVA on:


Follow BHVA on social media (facebook/twitter/instagram) at:


Find out more about BHVA at:


Right Resolution

Supporting young people leaving care.

Right Resolution CIC is a Northamptonshire based organisation supporting young people (16-24) leaving care on their individual needs to ensure that each young person’s progress is specific, purposeful and unique to their aspirations. 


With our unique approach and individualised support we empower care leavers to be in control and make decisions on their destiny.


Through Right Resolution CIC, care leavers in Northamptonshire are given the support with life-long learning skills, as well as gain experience and social interaction.

More Info


Cooking Good

Making a difference, one meal at time

Cooking Good is a community-based, food project aimed at cooking on a tight budget. It is focused on cooking from scratch, families cooking together, increasing the consumption of fresh foods and increasing cooking confidence.

Cooking Good brings people together in their local communities by sharing recipe ideas, cooking successes, cooking from scratch and on a budget, and reducing waste. The underlying focus is on supporting happy and healthy communities.

We work with agencies such as HomeStart, schools and pre-schools, housing associations, many food aid and surplus food providers such as community larders and fridges to deliver Cooking Good services and skills to individuals and families.

Cooking Good also offers essential Cooking Good Meal Bags to families in Northamptonshire – with everything needed to cook four delicious meals i.e. ingredients, recipe cards and folder, cooking equipment and wipeable meal planners. All of which is supported by online tutorials, videos and face-to-face cooking sessions.

The aim of the umbrella organisation, Community Health-Works UK CIC, is to work in collaboration with partners to deliver wellbeing projects to individuals, groups, communities or the workplace, in order to promote overall health and wellbeing and Cooking Good’s aim is to impact on public health outcomes such as reducing childhood and adult obesity and consequent ill-health. Increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables is one measure of our success. 

Other objectives are to improve mental health, to remove barriers which perpetuate health inequality, support self-reliance and reduce stigma around food and health, reduce food waste and work with others around food sustainability. Specific projects to work with particular target groups are available, such as teenage mental health, food and nutrition for older people, cancer patients, those living with life-long conditions, weight management, etc.    

Take a look at what we do and join in the conversation:
@cookinggooduk – on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Community Health-Works UK CIC

Love Corby

LoveCorby.co.uk is the host of everything great in Corby and the surrounding area.

Whether looking to dine out, explore, entertain the family or even looking for work, then make sure you regularly check the website and follow them on social media.

Come and meet Love Corby members and new businesses at their regular networking events.

Originally under the wing of former Corby Borough Council, the organisation has now become an independent Community Interest Company – Love Corby CIC – another new social enterprise for North Northamptonshire!

They have information regarding; events, jobs, businesses, shopping, attractions and where to stay and more!

See www.lovecorby.co.uk


NN Journal

NN Journal CIC is an independent news site for Northamptonshire.

Run by local journalists Sarah Ward and Natalie Bloomer it reports on news and events of social importance in the county. 

Established as a social enterprise NN Journal’s mission is to ensure that local journalism not only survives but thrives. To this end it runs journalism training workshops with the county’s young people to inspire and train the next generation.

Natalie says: “We decided to start our venture in response to the decline of local journalism in our county over the past few years. The explosion of  social media and the demise of traditional advertising streams has sadly led to the established local newspapers either closing (as was the case with the Herald and Post in 2016 ) or having to lay off staff and reduce the number of reporters. As a result the coverage of Northamptonshire society and communities has not been as comprehensive as it once. People in power are not being held to account and the public is being let down.”

NN Journal will always provide free articles during the week to its email subscribers, but from March a paid element for members will be introduced, with bonus features.

To sign up for the daily weekday newsletters visit NNJournal.co.uk

Wings & Radicles

Wings & Radicles is a grassroots social enterprise that centres around beekeeping.

Our mission is to promote inclusivity and diversity into the craft of beekeeping.

Prior to her move to Northants in January 2021, founder Rachel taught urban beekeeping in her home town of Liverpool.

She plans to continue teaching the craft, as well as evolving and learning herself, in her new home of Woodford. (Once government guidelines deem it safe to do so).

Wings & Radicles also have a range of handmade beeswax products available to buy on their website: www.wingsandradicles.co.uk

For more information and to get in touch:
Instagram: wings_radicles
Twitter: @wings_radicles
Facebook: @wingsandradicles

Adrenaline Alley

Adrenaline Alley in Corby is Europe’s largest urban sports venue.

Set out over 120,000 ft2, it is a dreamland for BMX, MTB, scooter, skateboard, and inline enthusiasts. The size has allowed us to create numerous skatepark zones playing to all styles and abilities, including those with disabilities.

Our world-class facility caters for everyone from complete beginners to future Olympians.

As the majority is indoors, riding/skating can take place whatever the weather so we can guarantee an awesome experience on every visit. We also host a modern 2 floor Café, a SKATEHUT shop, and a fully-kitted photography studio.

In addition to our daily sessions, our services include a weekly training club, 1-2-1 coaching, events and equipment/facility hire.

Adrenaline Alley is a registered charity trading as a social enterprise. This means we work with the local community, the council and local charities to create jobs, training, and volunteering opportunities and to provide somewhere safe and secure for young people to take part in their sport. We then plough our profits back into the charity to help us reach our vision.

We continue to expand and develop to meet local need and national/international demand. Since opening, we have purchased our 6-acre site and trebled the size of the business over the last 14 years.

Location: 6 Priors Haw Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 5JG
Telephone: 01536 202049
Email: enquiries@adrenalinealley.co.uk
Social Media: Follow @adrenalinealley on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and LinkedIn
Registered Charity Number: 1115146
Company Number: 05819804


Boromi is a multi-award-winning network of play libraries, working in partnership with schools, nurseries and other educational settings across the country to empower parents to support and nurture their child’s early development through powerful, purposeful play together at home, where it matters most.

Founder, Evie Dickson, is based in Corby.

Take a peek or get in touch to find out more:

Web: www.boromi.co.uk

Social media: @boromiHQ

Northants 1

Shire Sounds Radio, a local radio staple in North Northamptonshire, proudly announces “Northants 1” arriving May 27th.  With this transformation comes a fresh identity and an unwavering commitment to being Northamptonshire’s own local hit music radio station.

The rebrand signifies a key commitment to local broadcasting, and its dedication to delivering top-tier local entertainment, community representation and engagement. With an emphasis on playing Hit Music for Northamptonshire, Northants 1 promises to continue providing quality programming made for its growing local audience.

Our key commitments remain in line with what we have always believed in. Northants 1 is set to continue the pioneering training initiative, now known as the Northants 1 Academy. This ground-breaking program offers secondary school students from across Northamptonshire a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of radio broadcasting. Over a 12-week training course, aspiring young broadcasters receive comprehensive instruction in the fundamentals of radio production, along with a look into the wider media industry, nurturing the next generation of talent in the industry.

Northants 1 is arriving, fresh with a revamped Weekday lineup, with presenters you already know and love. Charlie Stone wakes up Northamptonshire from 7am with the all-new Northants 1 Breakfast, with Megan Arnold carrying us all through the workday from 11am and the new Northants 1 Homerun with Andrew Haslam from 3pm, including our beloved hour of “Throwbacks at Three”. The trio promise to entertain, inform and get you dancing with a mix of chart-topping hits and some tunes you used to love!

The station’s music selection reflects its diverse audience, blending contemporary chart-toppers with iconic throwbacks spanning back to the 90s. From pop anthems to indie gems and alternative hits, Northants 1 offers a curated musical experience that resonates with all tastes. Additionally, evenings on Northants 1 will feature a broader range of genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Rounding off every weekend, Northants 1 welcomes Chris Brooks back to the radio in Northamptonshire, with the biggest songs on the radio right now, on the UK Hot 40! Our brand-new chart show, Sundays from 4pm. With his infectious energy and unparalleled expertise, Chris promises to deliver an electrifying countdown experience that keeps you hooked every week.

Behind the scenes, Northants 1 is run by a dedicatedso team of local volunteers determined to bring a local voice back to the radio in Northamptonshire. As part of this Northants 1 would love to work with you. The station is offering pre-launch discounts for all local businesses who support Northants 1. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to seniorteam@northants1.co.uk for advertising and sponsorship enquiries.

Northants 1 is arriving, Monday 27th May at 7am.

Northants 1 is Northamptonshire’s premier radio station, dedicated to serving the local community with quality programming and engaging content. With a focus on hit music, diverse genres, and empowering young talent through the Northants 1 Academy, Northants 1 is committed to being the ultimate destination for radio enthusiasts across Northamptonshire. Follow Northants 1 on @Northants1Radio for the latest updates and announcements.