About Us


For North Northamptonshire to become a thriving hub of social entrepreneurship – bringing financial, social and environmental prosperity to our area.


To connect, support and promote social enterprises across North Northamptonshire.


To build and promote our network of local social enterprises to highlight the wide positive impacts we have, helping to raise our public profiles individually and as a group by:

  • Increasing the number of social enterprises featured on our website to at least 30 by November 2021 by actively approaching potential members.
  • Sharing success stories via our social media and monthly public e-newsletter – NNSE Members and Friends Newsletter.
  • Working with wider support networks across the UK and beyond to help us build our knowledge and achieve Social Enterprise Place status by November 2022.

To connect with our new local authority and other public sector leaders so they can recognise and gain the mutual benefits of collaborating with us all by:

  • Establishing a strong relationship with senior officers at North Northamptonshire Council.
  • Gaining the support of our local Members of Parliament.
  • Providing the new authority’s elected Members with information to increase their awareness and understanding of local social enterprise.

To inspire new social enterprises to start up by providing information and directing them to further sources of support by:

  • Identifying sources of support and promoting them on our website and in our social media.
  • Collaborating with local business support networks to share information and help potential social entrepreneurs to find us.
  • Publicising local social enterprise success stories.


North Northants Social Enterprise Network was set up in November 2020 by Alison Holland who has run Brightkidz, a Kettering-based social enterprise, since 2004.

This was done to help ensure local social enterprises are better understood, valued, supported and recognised as being good, effective partners in addressing the global and local challenges we face – economic, environmental and social.

Now in early 2021 we want to ensure we can play important roles in the new unitary authority – North Northamptonshire.

The idea emerged for our network after we did a short video in 2019 featuring several Kettering social enterprises to show how they are benefiting the town – ‘Who’s Bettering Kettering?’. Then in 2020 – a very different year – we saw how social enterprises were working hard to overcome the new challenges and even saw new social enterprises launching. Many of the issues we approach are also being addressed by our fellow social enterprises so by creating a network we are more easily able to collaborate. We are also stronger together and more able to raise awareness as a bigger group.

We are just starting to reach out to other parts of the new unitary – Corby, Wellingborough and East Northants and the nearby A6 towns of Rothwell and Desborough and surrounding villages. We welcome any social enterprises from anywhere in North Northants who find us and wish to join our network.

But now back to Kettering and here is a video featuring a selection of our town’s social enterprises – filmed in 2019 some things have changed but the passion is still the same.

Company Information

North Northants Social Enterprise network is new and not legally constituted (yet). Therefore we are temporarily operating under the wing of one of our local social enterprises – Safe Kids Walking Ltd (trading as Brightkidz, Brightwayz and BrandMyThingy.com).

Company name: Safe Kids Walking Ltd

Registered address: The Business Exchange, Rockingham Road, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. NN16 8JX

Company limited by guarantee without share capital, 10 March 2004. Company registration: 5069325 England


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Other Legal Bits and Policies

All policies applied to Safe Kids Walking Ltd apply to activities carried out by North Northants Social Enterprise Network. For example GDPR, Privacy, Cookies, Safeguarding and Photography Permission. See more information here.