We’re passionate about creating a future where every neighbourhood is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny, and no-one is held back by their background or circumstances.

Through our range of initiatives, we ensure everyone can access and enjoy green spaces, live a life filled with culture and creativity, and get the support they need to manage challenging times. Groundwork is here to make a positive difference to lives – to inspire individuals to strive for more and to empower communities to come together.

“If I’m feeling low, all I need is a bit of The Green Patch. This is an exceptional, special place and to be a part of this community is humbling and something I never want to give up”


Our projects include:

  • Youth Work:We proudly support over 1,000 young people per year through a range of youth work initiatives, placing young people at the centre of our practice. We deliver a wide range of informal education projects that allow young people to explore their values, beliefs, ideas and issues, empowering them to overcome the challenges that they may face and achieve their full potential.
  • Children & Families Work: We offer purposeful projects for younger children and their families through a range of target-based projects to offer emotional and practical support to them, encouraging family learning. This can take place outdoors, empowering parents to play confidently with their children or indoors delivering cooking classes, helping families to overcome the struggles they face in a practical and supportive manner.
  • Green Projects: We connect people with their local green spaces, supporting and enabling them to help and improve those spaces, providing an asset for all to enjoy. We work on a variety of high quality green projects, including environmental and land-based work, whilst developing new concepts amongst the communities they are placed in.
  • Community Development: We believe that communities matter and work with people in their local communities to bring them together and strengthen their voice. We work to bring positive change and improve quality of lives in local areas. Our work to provide infrastructure support within North Northamptonshire and being the accountable body for KHL Big Local contribute to this.
  • Twywell Hills And Dales: We work with The Land Trust as the managing agent for this green space, situated on the southern edge of Rockingham Forest. Twywell attracts hundreds of visitors every day and is a well-loved site that continues to benefit from the care and attention it really deserves. This site is recognised as the best place for butterflies in Northamptonshire.
  • The Green Patch:This thriving community garden project is Groundwork’s flagship green space – used and enjoyed by local people, schools, community groups and organisations. Our 2.5-acre site, based on the edge of the Grange Housing Estate in Kettering, hosts volunteer days, children’s clubs, education sessions and family events. We have ducks, chickens and rabbits, a grass paddock and play areas, veggie boxes, wildlife orchards, ponds, beehives and a bee friendly garden.
  • Made With Many: This is our community-led arts programme which produces events and activities designed to surprise, delight and inspire. Our aim is to encourage more people than ever before to take the lead in experiencing, creating and taking part in high-quality arts and cultural activities. Through conversations with local people and community decision-making panels, Made With Many puts the community at the heart of commissioning artists, producing new and exciting events.


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