Northamptonshire Sport

Northamptonshire Sport’s primary purpose is to take a place-based approach to reducing inequalities, partnering with local and national stakeholders to help transform lives through movement, physical activity, and sport.

Whilst fundamentally, we are an enabling organisation, supporting others to deliver active lifestyle opportunities, we also deliver ourselves.  This delivery can be through the co-ordination of others or, in certain circumstances, directly ourselves. This direct delivery benefits our enabling role by giving us first-hand insight, plugging gaps others can’t, creating new relationships, gaining trust and credibility, whilst creating physical activity opportunities for people who otherwise might not have them.

Laugh Out Loud Theatre Company

Laugh Out Loud Theatre Company is a not-for-profit community theatre company based in East Northants. Established in 2018, we specialise in touring pantomimes, theatre in education shows, family friendly productions and murder mystery events, as well as bespoke shows for a variety of different organisations. Our aim is to bring theatre back into our local communities and make it accessible and affordable for everyone. We work alongside town councils, schools, charities, CIC’s, and other organisations to bring our colourful productions to life. 




Instagram: @loltheatreuk


Phone: 07846147845