For Councils


The values of social enterprise are shared across different political spheres as it is about making our area better for everyone in environmentally, socially and financially sustainable ways.

If you are a local councillor, let us know if you’d like a chat to find out how you can learn about and support social enterprises in your local area and across the county.

Council Officers at North Northants Unitary Authority

For officers working across different functions within North Northants Council we want you to know we are here to collaborate with you and help our local area thrive in terms of economic, social and environmental growth and wellbeing.

We are already connected with North Northants Council and other key local partners – Alison our coordinator represents the voices of local social enterprises and the NNSE network as part of the county’s Integrated Care Strategy through Local Area Partnership meetings.

More About Councils and Social Enterprise

There is some great, clear information for councils about the potential of social enterprises here.