For Councils

Prospective Councillors

If you are a prospective councillor for North Northamptonshire we are keen to help you understand the benefits your local social enterprises already bring you… and can bring you as our new unitary authority becomes established.

Social enterprise is not a party-political issue – the values are shared across many different political spheres as it is about making our area better for everyone in environmentally, socially and financially sustainable ways.

Let us know if you’d like a chat to find out more – we would love to have potential councillors step forward and reach out to us and become our North Northants Social Enterprise Friends.

Council Officers at North Northants Unitary Authority

For anyone working for the new unitary whether as an executive leader looking at strategic opportunities or as an officer working on the ground – whether you are new to the area or moving from one of our existing local councils – we want you to know we are here to help our local area thrive in terms of economic, social and environmental growth and wellbeing.

We are already connecting with North Northants Council – Alison our coordinator has met Chief Executive Rob Bridge to start building the relationship between local social enterprises and our new local authority.

More About Councils and Social Enterprise

There is some great, clear information for councils about the potential of social enterprises here.