Creating Tomorrow Multi Academy Trust

Creating Tomorrow is a trust of special schools with employability at the heart.

It is an inclusive community of learners building the skills and confidence to succeed in a changing world

Isebrook School, one of the schools in the trust, owns and operates IsePrint, a social enterprise within a social enterprise!

See their personalised printing service for Christmas gifts. For more info email:


Youth Works

Youth Works Northamptonshire is a Charitable Incorporated organisation that delivers education and support services to the young people of Northamptonshire.

cycle training

Youth Works’ Vision

​To grow community based wraparound education, advocacy, support and recreation from vibrant, accessible venues that have local young people and their families at the core.

Teamwork Trust

Northamptonshire charity and social enterprise –Teamwork Trust – has centres in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough where autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs are given chances, choices and opportunities to develop themselves and move on.

teamwork trust

Among the many self-sustainable projects and micro enterprises on offer, service-users feel empowered to support local businesses with their manufacturing tasks on the factory floor, make badges, personalised products and wooden gifts to sell, and even manage their very own gardening service. They come up with their own ideas and are supported to succeed – encouraging progression, independence and a sense of purpose every step of the way.

Through the things they create, transform, assemble and build, service-users grow in confidence and make a real difference in the local community. Any profits are always ploughed back into Teamwork Trust.

Web and Social Media:

FB: @teamworktrust

Twitter: @TeamworkTrust


LinkedIn: @teamwork-trust

Accommodation Concern

Accommodation Concern prevents and alleviates poverty, need, hardship and distress, by delivering advice, support and preventative services designed to end homelessness, build independence and resilience and improve well-being and life chances. All services are free, at the point of delivery, and open to anyone from 16 years of age.

An introduction to Accommodation Concern from CEO Jo Moore.

Brightwayz, Brightkidz and

Brightwayz (which includes Brightkidz and promotes safe, active, sustainable everyday travel for all. They do this with projects, products and information to enable more walking support schemes with enable more walking to school, cycling, scooting and road safety.

They also supply general promotional products under their name from which 100% of profits are ploughed back to support their active travel initiatives. It’s a great way for any organisation to ‘buy social’ – they can have a social impact whilst buying products to promote their own marketing campaigns.

Here is a short video about Brightkidz and Brightwayz:

Brightkidz work with local schools to support active travel plans and road safety education.

They supply their Brightkidz products to schools and councils across the UK including an exclusive range to support the DfT-backed national Modeshift Walking Bubble scheme.

Websites: – active travel products and information for children – active travel products and information for all – general promotional products